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T1 Desktop Injection Molding Machine Connected Platform

Connected System

Each mold and resin tank has a smart chip programmed by BetaJet’s engineers with inputs like cycle time, molding pressure, clamping force and molding temperature.  When the mold and resin tanks are inserted in to the T1, the machine automatically configures to the preset inputs programmed on the chips.  There is no input or programming required by the user. 

Since the T1 is a connected device, all data can be monitored through the BetaJet web or phone application.  Additionally, firmware and diagnostics can be automatically pushed to the T1 in real time. 


Materials and Finishes

The T1 platform uses a large range of thermoset polymers. Parts can be made from Rigid, Flexible, Impact Resistant or Heat Resistant polymers. Most resins can be color matched to a customer supplied sample or Pantone® number. Parts can be molded with a surface texture from Mold Tech/Yick Sang or can be polished according to customer specifications.

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Mold Tooling Process and Features

The T1 platform has two options for mold sizes, both available as single or multi-cavity tools. Once your part file is uploaded in our Quote Engine, if part volume allows, you'll be presented with multi-cavity options to optimize production time as well as mold and material costs per cycle.


Production Supplies and Support

Simply upload your part file and our Quote Engine will allow you to dial in your part specifications. Re-orders of resin and molds are easily placed and fulfilled to keep your production running smoothly.

Material + Mold Ordering

1. Upload CAD File

2. Select Mold Type (Single or Multi-Cavity)

3. Select Material and Finish

4. Mold Tool arrives in 2-4 weeks

5. Resin Material Tanks arrive in 1-5 business days.

Machine Operation
T1 Desktop Injection Molding Machine

1. Install Mold Tool

2. Load Resin Material Tanks

3. Power On

4. Close Door To Begin Production

5. Chamber Illuminates When Part Is Ready For Removal