Innovate Faster.
Iterate Smarter.

The T1 brings manufacturing home.


Use Cases

Product Engineers
• Pilot and Beta production
• Product Reliability studies
• Engineering Performance evaluation

In-House Production
• Medical and healthcare
• Consumer Products
• Transportation
• Industrial and Ruggidized Products
• Robotics
• Packaging

New Product Development
• Sales samples
• Market study and focus groups
• Point of purchase display models
• Exhibit models


Where does the T1 fit in product development?

A platform for high resolution, low volume production.


3D PRINTING  |  Less than 50 parts 
• Prototype and Proof of Concept Models
• Slow cycle time per part
• Low resolution / limited surface finish options

T1 Desktop Injection Molding Machine

T1  |  50 - 5,000 parts
• Pilot Production and Low Volume Manufacturing
• Cycle time as fast as 5 minutes
• Production quality surface finish and textures
• Performance grade polymers from Rigid to Flexible


MASS PRODUCTION  |  Thousands to Millions
of parts

• Expensive and long lead time tooling
• Small to very large parts production
• Off-Site production, long lead times
• Cycle time as fast as a few seconds