T1 Desktop Injection Molding Machine

The T1. 

Studio-friendly Small Run Production Injection Molding System.

Ships Late 2017.

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Learn how a robotics education non-profit decreased cost by over 50% while doubling weekly production with high resolution injection molded parts using the BetaJet T1 system.

Bench Top Injection Molding Platform

Meet the T1. It’s a professional grade injection molding machine that can create high quality plastic parts from the comfort of an office or shop.  The T1 can produce plastic parts up to 1,000 times faster than a 3D printer. The fully automated T1 machine, material and molds arrive fully programmed and ready to start producing parts.  No technical experience required.  BetaJet’s performance grade resins and professionally engineered molds ensure part quality and surface finish meet customer specifications. 



T1 Desktop Injection Molding Machine Specs


12"L X 12"W X 6"H


62"L X 24"W X 30"H


up to 500psi


5 tons (10,000 lbf)


8 gallons (1,800 in^3)

Resin Tank - T1 Desktop Injection Molding Machine

BetaJet supplies users with a wide range of high performance urethane resins for use on the T1. BetaJet technology relies on a thermoset process called Reaction Injection Molding. Two polymer resins are mixed together and injected in to a mold cavity, creating a plastic part. Cycle time can be as fast as 5 minutes.

BetaJet offers Rigid, Flexible, Impact Resistant and Heat Resistant resins with several material options in each category.  Most resins can be color matched to a customer provided sample or Pantone® number. All BetaJet resins are made in the USA.

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Injection Molding Tool - T1 Desktop Injection Molding Machine

BetaJet’s mold making team has over 50 years of experience engineering and fabricating high quality injection molds.  The T1 is designed around a proprietary quick change smart mold system that allows the user to install a mold and start making parts in a matter of minutes.

To order a custom mold for a new part, the user uploads a CAD part file to the Quote Engine and dials in mold characteristics such as number of cavities, surface finish and surface texture.  BetaJet’s team of engineers takes that data and designs and fabricates a custom mold from high quality, tool grade aluminum. The mold is then programed with a smart chip and shipped to the customer for use on the T1.  Most molds are designed and fabricated in 2 to 4 weeks and can typically run for thousands of cycles.